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5 Pergola Ideas To Elevate Your Outdoor Living Space

Andrew Ogden

What Is A Pergola?

A pergola is a wide-open structure that has no walls. They have 4 support beams and can have an open top or have a fancy roof design, like a lattice. Most times you will notice pergolas do not have any sort of protective roof since their main purpose is not for shelter. However, you can customize your pergola to your liking. Add screens on the side to stay warm during the colder months or add a covered roof for protection from external elements. The choice is ultimately yours. Here are 5 pergolas ideas to elevate your outdoor living space.

5 Pergola Ideas For Outdoor Living

Open-Top Pergola

The open-top pergolas are the most popular kind of pergola. They are for aesthetic purposes and are a great way to elevate your outdoor living space. The open-top concept allows for air circulation and lots of sunlight. Open-top pergolas are a great pergola choice for the spring and summer months. However, you can customize your pergola so you can enjoy sitting under it in all 4 seasons!

Vinyl Pergola

Vinyl pergolas are a great choice for those of you that experience extreme temperatures. In Delaware, we experience both extreme hot conditions in the summer and extreme cold conditions in the winter. Therefore, highly consider choosing a vinyl pergola. The vinyl is very durable and is on the more affordable side. Whereas a wood pergola can rot from various weather conditions or grow mold and mildew, making vinyl the smarter option. One of the biggest advantages of vinyl pergolas is that they are very customizable. You will be able too easily find one that will meet all your needs and design preferences. Here at First Class Lawncare, LLC, we have a carpenter on hand that can customize your pergola to surely fit all your requirements.

Steel Pergola

Another great option to consider for a pergola are steel pergolas. Steel is an extremely durable material. Therefore, making the structure able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Steel also will last the longest out of all the different material options. A lot of customers often don't go the steel route because of the modern, unusual appearance but nonetheless, still a great option.

Gable Pergola

If you are in the market for a pergola that will protect you from sun, rain, and other weather conditions, then a gable pergola is the perfect choice for you! Gable pergolas have a beautiful roof structure on top so you can use your pergola all year round! This type of pergola is popular for installing on top of a patio or an outdoor dining area.

Sail Pergola

Sail pergolas are made with a stretchable fabric rather than the traditional lattice roof. This type of pergola is great for you if you are looking for more shade within an area. Sail pergolas give off a more modern touch.

Tips For Staying Warm Under Your Pergola

Add A Roof

One of the best ways to transform your pergola for the winter months is adding a roof. The roof will protect you from snow and rain and will also help keep the heat trapped in the pergola area. A louvered roof is a great addition to your pergola to help stay warm in the winter. You have the ability to choose the amount of light that comes through or you can completely seal the roof shut. The perk of this roof structure its having the ability to control the roof from a solar-powered remote. With just a touch of a button, you can go from a summer structure to a protective winter structure. Another great feature you can add two your pergola to stay warm is a retractable canopy. These canopies are also controlled from a remote, making it an extremely easy transition.

Create A Shelter

Create a shelter around your patio to stay warm. Outdoor blinds are great because they are made of heavy material such as PVC or thick canvas. Both options are great for providing the feeling of having walls. The blinds will protect you from the wind when it's cold and will also provide some privacy. If you want to go the more natural route, boxwood hedges are awesome for providing privacy and will also help help keep the wind out.

Install A Heat Source

To ensure you, family, and friends stay warm all winter long, implement a good heat source into the space. Patio heaters are extremely easy to install and are mostly always powered by propane or electricity. If you aren't working with much space and a heater is the last thing you want taking up precious space, use hanging infrared heaters and mount them from the beams on the top of the pergola. Although the heaters will do the job just fine, think about kicking up your outdoor living space a notch with an outdoor fireplace. A fireplace will give off an extreme amount of heat. Therefore keeping you warm all winter long! And of course will be a crowd pleaser to any guests you may have over.

Finally, Make It Cozy

The final step to take to transform your pergola for the winter months is making it a cozy space to relax in. Choose wisely the furniture you use and make sure it is winter-friendly. Plastic seating and stone seating will not keep you warm so make sure you have comfortable cushions too sit on. Keep thick blankets handy to add that extra layer of warmth as well. Click here to find the best places to purchase outdoor furniture in 2022!

Whatever pergola you choose to go with, it is sure to elevate your outdoor living space. They add a great amount of curb appeal and will be a crowd pleaser to any of your family and friends. We hope these 5 pergolas ideas to elevate your outdoor living space were a resource for you. Click the button below to request a free consultation.