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What is First Class Lawn Care's Design-Build Process?

It's time to embark on a journey of landscaping the yard, but the first step is to find a guide to the essential steps in landscaping and hardscaping in Delaware. What factors should a homeowner consider when hiring a landscaping and hardscaping company, and just how does one create a budget for all landscaping and hardscaping needs?

First Class Lawn Care's process page answers these questions and more!

First Class Lawn Care's Landscape Design-Build Process

1. Reach Out

Once a homeowner has decided on a landscape design project, they give First Class Lawn Care a call.

First Class Lawn Care is always delighted to talk to prospective clients and find out relevant information like the potential client's name, contact information, and what the scope of the planned landscaping entails. First Class Lawn Care then sends this information to the appropriate estimator. The team even talks about the best landscaping plants or sustainable landscape design during this chat.


2. The Assessment

Once the client's details are in hand, the estimator will reach out and discuss the details of the landscaping project.  If it is a smaller landscaping project, the estimator will meet with the homeowner to discuss the scope of work and build a proposal for the landscaping project. If the project is one on a larger scale, the estimator will set up a time to meet with the homeowner to discuss the landscape design further. The landscape designer provides the estimator with photos for reference, site elevations, and any areas the estimator needs to measure. Once this is finished, the designer will build the proposal for the homeowner. First Class Lawn Care's goal is sustainable landscape design and the proposals reflect that.


3. First Class Lawn Care Designs the Landscape

First Class Lawn Care's landscape designer and estimator work together to photograph, measure, and understand the scope of work, and designs are created for the client's viewing. Once the homeowner decides to officially sign and become a client, First Class Lawn Care offers 2D CAD renderings to show the full expanse of what is possible. If the client needs 3D renderings, First Class Lawn Care also offers those for a reasonable fee based on the scope of work.

This is also when the designers talk about what hardscape and landscaping materials the homeowner would like to use, as well as the best landscaping plants.


4. The Client Make Decisions in Design

Deciding on what sort of landscaping and hardscaping materials, as well as the best landscaping plants is an integral part of designing a landscape. First Class Lawn Care always encourages homeowners to factor hardscaping into their landscape design budget because it’s more budget-efficient to build hardscapes initially. Hardscaping is an incredible way to showcase the most beautiful plants and greenery in your landscaping. It is also an excellent way of making a yard a livable, accessible place for any lifestyle. 


5. Landscapers Make Design Edits

Change is an inescapable part of the landscape design process. Searching for sustainable landscape design can take time and edits, which is why the First Class Lawn Care process operates in that mindset. The goal in designing a landscape is to come up with a plan that needs minimal changes so that the landscapers can get to work without too many changes to the landscape and hardscape materials or drastic changes in the client's budget. After a certain point in landscape design, change can become expensive. Creating an effective landscaping budget also means factoring in a commitment to design once the process has started.


6. The Landscape Design Project is Completed

First Class Lawn Care's work is done and the client's yard boasts gorgeous landscaping, custom hardscapes, and the best landscaping plants for our climate. The homeowners can now enjoy their outdoor spaces in comfort and relish the beauty of custom landscape designs and hardscape amenities. 

If the homeowner has any questions or concerns after the landscape project is finished? First Class Lawn Care is only a phone call away. Contact us with any questions!

Why Choose First Class Lawn Care

First Class Lawn Care has always been focused on one thing: customer satisfaction. After we learn about your vision for your outdoor space, we’ll use our extensive knowledge to expand your ideas and create a masterpiece that you’ll always be proud of. Here are some reasons to choose us as your landscaping and hardscaping company:

Full Service

From design to installation, we offer full landscaping and hardscape services, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.

Locally Owned

We’re a proud member of the Wilmington community, delivering personalized service to our neighbors in New Castle County.

50 Years of Extensive Experience

Between our owner, project managers, and designers, we bring more than 50 years of combined experience to our projects.

Quality Craftsmanship

Landscaping and hardscaping are our specialties. We take pride in our workmanship and use only the best products in our installations.

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