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Elevate Your Backyard with Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchen With Modern Lighting by First Class Lawn Care

Nothing says sweet summertime like a custom outdoor kitchen. First Class Lawn Care creates outdoor kitchens in Delaware that bring you months of joy and recreation. 

First Class Lawn Care's stunning portfolio of various landscape and design services shows our handiwork and ability to tailor our services to each client's taste. 

This is your sign to start searching for outdoor kitchen ideas and invest in an outdoor summer kitchen. From backyard parties to simply using your backyard kitchen to spice up a weekday, our outdoor kitchen services can elevate your backyard and lifestyle.

Is an Outdoor Kitchen Worth the Money?

How much it costs to build an outdoor kitchen is determined by several factors: materials, design choice, supply chain availability, and labor.

However, the value of an outdoor kitchen to your lifestyle must be considered. Choosing the most affordable materials is an excellent first step if you hope to lower the estimated cost of an outdoor kitchen. 

The cost of building an outdoor kitchen is an investment in your lifestyle, family, and home value. A beautiful outdoor kitchen showcases your pride and dedication to your home and your outdoor kitchen contractor's skill and attention to detail.

We Know Outdoor Kitchens, and We Know Wilmington, Delaware

First Class Lawn Care is Wilmington, Delaware's premier outdoor kitchen contractor. Our five-star reviews from happy and satisfied customers show how we understand the unique issues you face with outdoor kitchen remodeling and are here to make the process smoother.

From navigating the cost of building a backyard kitchen to understanding the permit process, we're here to be your local expert on all things outdoor kitchen. 

Our team is based in Wilmington, Delaware, and serves New Castle County and nearby cities in Pennsylvania. Contact First Class Lawn Care today if you're ready to start planning your outdoor kitchen!

How Do I Experience Outdoor Living in Delaware?

Our services continue beyond outdoor kitchens, allowing your outdoor living experience in Delaware to be curated for your needs at every step.  First Class Lawn Care also elevates backyards with features like:

Our aim is to create custom backyards that feel like home.

Can I Build an Outdoor Kitchen Against My House?

Yes, you can build an outdoor kitchen against your house. Your outdoor kitchen contractor will help you consider factors like local building codes, planning permission, proper ventilation, and materials that are safe for outdoor use and resident to the elements.  

What Is the ROI on an Outdoor Kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen can significantly enhance the appeal and functionality of your outdoor living space, potentially increasing your home's value and attracting more buyers if you decide to sell. The exact ROI also depends on how well the outdoor kitchen integrates with your property's amenities. 

Do I Need Planning Permission for an Outdoor Kitchen?

Planning permissions are required whenever there is a utility hook-up, such as sewer, water, electric, and gas. Planning for all permits ahead of construction is vastly more effective so that no surprises await mid-construction. Having the proper permits also ensures that your outdoor kitchen will contribute to, not detract from, your home's value. 

Does an Outdoor Kitchen Need to Be Covered?

An outdoor kitchen does not technically need to be covered, but many people choose to cover them for a few reasons. These include weather, utility, comfort, and general aesthetics. For some, the aesthetic of an outdoor kitchen and the reduced costs are appealing. However, consider whether an uncovered outdoor kitchen will limit your use of the space. 

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