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Drainage For Home in Delaware by First Class Lawncare

Wondering if your backyard could benefit from yard grade and drainage services before the next storm season, but don't know who to trust?

First Class Lawn Care is the foremost yard grading and drainage services expert in  New Castle County.

Why has First Class Lawn Care earned the trust of countless homeowners in New Castle County with our yard draining and grading services? 

Our Commitment

It's more than our knowledge of how to grade your yard and the best time to regrade your yard. It's because of our commitment to New Castle County, the people here, and our commitment to excellence in landscape grading.

How Do I Know if My Yard Needs to Be Graded?

When winter and spring storms hit, so does rain. You likely have a drainage issue if your yard has water pooling in giant puddles.  When rain comes pouring down, all that water needs to be channeled appropriately to avoid erosion, flooding, and other types of damage. Yard grading and drainage allow you to protect your yard, foundation, and home from water damage.

We're Here to Help

When rain reminds you it's time to regrade your yard, First Class Lawn Care provides drainage and grading services to allow you to regrade your Wilmington, Delaware, yard and add hardscaping to prevent future erosion.

Don't miss out on the best time to regrade your yard. Let our team of experts provide landscape grading and draining services and protect your home against the next rainy season. 

Your Wilmington, Delaware Landscape Grading and Draining Contractor

First Class Lawn Care is a full-service landscaping company that can design and regrade your yard with yard and draining services. We have over 50 years of experience in landscape, design, grading, and draining services and leverage that for your benefit. 

Contact First Class Lawn Care today to learn more about our landscape grading and drainage services. We’re based in Wilmington, Delaware, and serve New Castle County and nearby cities in Pennsylvania.


Is Grading a Yard Expensive?

Grading a yard is an investment in your yard and in your home. While the initial price point of draining and grading services might seem expensive, the cost of not investing in yard grading can be astronomical. Protect your home, its foundation, and your investment by investing in yard grading and services today!


What is Involved in Grading a Yard?

Every yard is different and needs different solutions based on the severity of the situation.

  • Grading a yard starts with evaluating the current slope, soil type, and drainage, then establishing a slope away from buildings for adequate water flow.
  • The area is cleared of debris, and we have set up reference points to guide grading.
  • Soil is excavated from higher areas and filled in lower areas to create a uniform slope, then compacted to prevent unevenness.
  • Fine grading involves smoothing the soil and checking the slope to ensure proper drainage.
  • If necessary, drainage systems like French drains or catch basins are installed.
  • Finally, post-grading care includes seeding or sodding and mulching to prevent erosion.
What Is the Difference Between Leveling and Grading?

Leveling and grading are two essential but distinct landscaping processes.

  • Leveling primarily focuses on creating a flat or even surface across an area. It is often necessary for structures like patios, pools, or lawns where uniformity is key. It ensures that no area within the designated space is higher or lower than another.
  • Yard grading and drainage involve shaping the land to ensure proper drainage away from buildings and prevent water accumulation. 
  •  While both processes involve manipulating the earth, yard grading and drainage are explicitly oriented toward water management.
How Do I Fix My Badly Draining Yard?

Puddles have you down? You can start by regrading your backyard to improve water flow.

  • Yard grading and drainage involve reshaping the land to direct water away from structures and prevent pooling.
  • A professional team that offers drainage and grading services can assess your yard's specific needs and tailor your regarded yard to the soil and climate conditions bespoke to the Wilmington, Delaware, area.   

This approach ensures effective water management and protects your property from water damage.

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