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Designing Your Dream Oasis

Andrew Ogden

Is it time to give your outdoor living space a major reboot? Consider adding a spacious patio to host the hottest parties on the block, a masonry fireplace to gather around on a breezy autumn night, an outdoor kitchen for the ultimate BBQ party with your friends and family, or add a pergola/gazebo so the weather doesn't have to be a threat to your party. Whatever you choose to add to your outdoor living space, we are here to accommodate your wants and needs. Let us design your outdoor living space today! It is never too late to start designing your dream oasis with First Class Lawncare, LLC. 

Initial Consultation Process

The consultation process at First Class Lawncare, LLC starts with an initial phone call. In this phone call, our landscape designer will introduce himself to the client and explain his credentials. Most clients already have an idea of what they want to have accomplished with their outdoor living space and will discuss this with our designer. But, do not worry, if you have no clue where to start, our designer will give you several options that you may like. Also, in this initial phone call, our designer and client will find a time that works for both of them for an in-person consultation. 

In-Person Consultation Process

Next comes the in-person consultation. This consultation is a very important one for both the designer and the client. For the client, this consultation will assure them they are in good hands with First Class and that they have picked a great, experienced, and reputable business to work with. For the designer, this consultation will be crucial for the next phase, the design process. Visions and overall goals will be discussed. Our in-house designer will walk the property and take measurements and elevations. Keep in mind, our designer will also take down notes of any utilities, electrical outlets, downspouts, and more that is around the site. Material selection and finishes will also be discussed. If the client has any inspiration pictures available, this would be a great time share them. This will also be a great time to review jobs we've completed in the past to gather more ideas! Lastly, budget! Budget can be a very uncomfortable conversation to have but it is very important! Budget needs to be discussed because a lot of times clients truly don't understand what things cost, which is completely fine. That is what our designer is here for! He will take all the concepts and ideas you have discussed and will come up with a conceptual space. He will run some numbers and come up with a proposal price. If this budget is far above your means, do not worry. Our designer will readjust and then recommend ideas to implement into your space that will for sure fit into your budget! Remember, we are here to assist you in any way possible. We are not here to charge you top dollar. We are here to give you a luxurious, beautiful product at a more affordable price than our local competitors charge. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed in the end. 

Design Process

After the consultation process, our designer will then take those measurements and elevations and come up with a 2D master plan in CAD. This 2D plan will showcase an aerial view of all elements and features of your new outdoor living space. This can entail a fireplace, an outdoor kitchen, a pergola, and so much more! This CAD plan will clearly map out exactly where everything will be built. This CAD rendering is free of cost and is included in the consultation process. However, for an added fee we use a 3D rendering software, Sketchup, where your dream oasis comes to life. A lot of people like visuals and can understand things better through pictures. We understand that you are making a huge investment with your new outdoor living space and we want to make sure you know exactly how your new space will look before you commit to us! With this design software, you will be confident that your project investment is 100% exactly what you are looking for. Your outdoor oasis design should not be a guessing game. Be confident in your investment and in us! We are here to help create a space you will be able to enjoy for many years to come with friends and family regardless of how many modifications we need to make to fit your needs! Curious about the rendering software we use? Read all about SketchUp here!



All about our in-house designer, Jake Williams. 

Jake graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor's degree in Landscape Architecture & Horticulture. While attending college, he interned at Winterthur, Longwood Gardens, and OLIN Design Studios. Jake also studied abroad in Rome, Italy while in school. Currently, Jake is continuing his education to become a state licensed landscape architect! 


Outdoor living spaces are the hottest trend right now. So why not build one that is all yours?! Fall is right around the corner and is one of the best seasons to relax outdoors. I can hear that fireplace calling your name already. Are you still on the edge about why you should commit to an outdoor living space? Read all about the 8 Benefits of Hardscaping. Here at First Class Lawncare, LLC, we pride ourselves on customer service. We do everything necessary to make sure you are getting exactly what you asked for and to make the design process as seamless as possible. Seeing our clients happy is what drives us everyday! Let us get started on designing your dream oasis today! Click the link below. Your free consultation is waiting for you.