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Equipping Your New Castle County Patio for Year Round Use

Andrew Ogden

After a long summer of great outdoor time, you may think that it is time to pack everything up and sit inside for the next several months. Fortunately, you don't have to unless you want to. Your patio in New Castle County can be a source of comfort in any season, with the right tools. Think about how you can put these ideas to use so that you can enjoy your patio all year round.

How Can I Make My Outdoor Patio More Inviting?

When seasons change, you may look for ideas to expand the use of your patio. Check out these patio must-haves for entertaining and kicking back any time of the year.

Enclose Your Patio

As winter approaches, one of the best ways that you can provide better protection for your patio is to enclose it. An enclosed patio has walls on all sides. In some cases, the walls are little more than outdoor curtains that you can raise or lower. At other times, you may want solid, permanent walls.

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Add Heating

Whether you have an enclosure or not, you should consider heating while outdoors during the winter. A heat lamp can run on electricity or fuel like propane. The right one depends on your patio. Fuel-powered heat is mostly used for open spaces since fuel exhaust can be toxic. Heating an enclosed patio might require running electrical wiring so that you can use an electric heater.

Equipping Your New Castle County Patio for Year Round Use

Improve Lighting

If you're already thinking about heating the space, it's a good idea to consider the lighting as well. Short days mean long nights, and a little extra lighting goes a long way to making those evening gatherings more enjoyable. The good news is that you can usually get low-voltage lighting options that are relatively quick to install and customizable.

Upgrade Your Patio Furniture

Cozy outdoor spaces could require you to upgrade your seating. During the summer, you might prefer New Castle patio furniture with simple, clean lines and no frills. When it gets cold, you may want to soften it. Furniture with all-season cushions, topped with pillows or throw blankets you can bring inside, helps to beat the chill.

Make an All Season Patio

If you really want your patio to have great use in any season, it might be time to make it a true four-season patio. These patios are more than a simple enclosure. They offer a permanent installation with electric wiring, heating and cooling, and security features. With this type of upgrade, you will have a space that feels much like home, perfect for entertaining or relaxing at any time.

How Do You Maximize Outdoor Living Space?

These days, everyone wants to have a little extra outdoor living space. Try these tips to maximize room for everything you want to do.

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Determine the Flow

Before you make any major changes, think about the flow of the space. How do you get to the patio from your home? How can you move around the patio with the least complication or risk of tripping? This is a key task for any patio, but especially for round patio designs. Imagine a series of lines on your patio for movement, and plan to put furniture and other design elements in other places.

Create Outdoor Entertaining Areas

If you have enough space, consider making separate areas for entertainment. For example, you might have a couple of chairs by a fire pit, with more seating around an outdoor kitchen or fireplace. Make sure that each one has lighting or heat to aid in comfort. If you plan to adjust the design based on the group, be sure to keep the natural flow. Don't forget about things like patio curtains to help keep the light out of your eyes.

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Keep It Simple

Expanding the use of your patio can increase the level of complication for maintenance and upkeep. You should plan to keep it suited to your personality and tastes. If you love tidying up and reorganizing furniture before and after an event, you can get as elaborate as you please. If you'd rather have a patio that you don't have to mind most of the time, simple designs and all-season furniture are practical choices.

How Can I Get the Most Out of My Small Patio?

For smaller spaces, it is tempting to pack it full of furniture and tools so that you have everything you need. It's better to focus on a few possible activities for a small patio so that each one offers comfort and a little room to stretch out. At First Class Lawn Care, we can help you get the most out of your outdoor space, no matter its size. Contact us for a free quote on hardscaping, landscaping, and more.