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Illuminate Your Delaware Home With Landscape Lighting

Andrew Ogden

Have you been thinking about illuminating your Delaware home this year with landscape lighting? If so, you have come to the right place. Landscape lighting not only can take your landscaping to the next level but also has a bunch of added benefits. Whether that is for aesthetic purposes or for that added security your home may need, landscape lighting is the route to go! Before calling the experts, let's dive right into the different types of lighting as well as the benefits landscape lighting can achieve for your home. 

Landscape Lighting


Landscape lighting is illuminating outdoor gardens or landscapes for added safety, aesthetics, security, and accessibility purposes. 


Uplighting & Downlighting

Uplight's are installed on or in the ground to highlight any landscape features in an upward fashion. While downlight's are installed up in a tree or on a roof to cast downward shadows. Uplight's and downlight's are great for creating ambience and creating a focal point within the landscaping. 

Post Lights 

I am sure you have seen post lights plenty of times before. Post lights are standard posts with a lamp on the top. These are commonly used for illuminating pathways!

Post Lights

Inground "Bullet" Lights

Bullet lights are also very common for illuminating pathways and patios. Bullet lights are core drilled into stone or the pavement and the lights are placed into the hole. Bullet lights are super pretty because they give off a runway-like finish . A lot of people prefer bullet lights because they are flush with the grade and there are no tripping hazards. 

Step Lights

Step lights are also looked at as a safety feature because the lights navigate guests through the landscape without tripping or falling. They are installed underneath the risers or the steps. 

Step Lights

Under Cap Lights

Just like the name states, under cap lights are installed underneath the caps of any hardscaping features. You may have seen this type of lighting underneath the caps of sitting walls. They are great for creating a cool glow. 

String Lights

This is the easiest and most affordable way to illuminate your space. You have probably seen these lights at your neighbors or on an outdoor patio of your favorite local bar. String lights are perfect for illuminating patios and creating ambience within a communal area. 

String Lights


Extend the Usability of the Space:

With landscape lighting, you and your guests will be able to enjoy your outdoor living space any time of the day, not just during the day. Landscape lighting will illuminate your space at night so you can enjoy a nice cold beverage and a great conversation with those you love to spend time with in a well lit area. Consider implementing lights with a dim feature so you can turn the lights up when the kiddos are playing in the yard and dim the lights when you want a romantic night on the patio. 


Enhance Property Value & Curb Appeal:

Any addition you do to your house will increase your property value! Implementing landscape lighting can transform different features into focal points to attract curb appeal. Lighting adds warmth, depth, and appeal to your home and this will show you care about the appearance of your home. In return, the value of your home will increase. Be sure to add lights around features you really want to showcase to others. This can be around plants, water features, statues, pools, or anything else you want to show off to your neighbors and people who pass by! I can promise you, after adding landscape lighting to your space, you will gain that curb appeal you've always wanted. 


Make a Safe Space:

Landscape lighting is a beautiful addition to your home but it is great for keeping your family and friends safe as well. Illuminating your landscape features will create a clear path for where your family and guests should walk and in return will reduce the chance of one of your family members or guests from falling. Make sure to highlight main features of your landscape so guests know exactly how to navigate through your property. 


Safety & Security:

If you live in an area where crime is higher or you are simply trying to keep intruders away, highly consider implementing landscape lighting into your property. According to sources, burglary is the most common threat to your home. It has also been proven that intruders will not even come close to your property if your house is well lit. There will be no place for them to try and break in if all areas are well lit. Intruders will look for dark areas within your space to try and break in. Landscape lighting can take that fear you may have and make it vanish. If you may be cost conscious, consider using motion sensor lights. These lights will only light up when they sense motion throughout the yard. 

Landscape Lighting

Implementing landscape lighting into your space sounds like a no brainer after learning about the different types of lighting and all the benefits it comes with. Outdoor lighting can transform your dull, dark home into a beautiful illuminated home all your neighbors will be envious of. First Class Lawncare, LLC has lighting experts that can analyze your space and determine exactly what types of lighting will best complement your space. Give our office a call (302)753-0761 or click the button down below to submit a form for a FREE consultation.