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Patio Trends: What's Popular in 2021?

Andrew Ogden

Now that the sunny season is finally here, those of us who haven't yet pulled the trigger on a new patio are feeling left out. Fortunately, it's never too late to add a beautiful new patio space to your outdoor area. If there's one overarching trend we've been noticing, it's that paver patios are exploding in popularity.

There are a number of reasons why people are turning away from wooden decks, but the primary reason is that wood is tough to maintain. Here in Delaware especially, we get extreme heat in the summer, extreme cold in the winter, as well as a wide range of hot, humid, and dry air. That kind of full-spectrum change is murder on wood decks, causing them to split, crack, rot, and sometimes even develop an unpleasant smell. Add all of that to the salt-water air and wood decks don't stand a chance.

Paver decking has been around for at least 7000 years as the Minoans started making them in 5000 BC. But here in modern America, we needed to be reminded about their beauty and durability after a few decades of concrete, asphalt, and wood. Fortunately, that time has come and modern pavers are coming back in a big way. Pavers are more complex than a simple concrete slab. They are a composite construction with a top-side veneer of stone tile.

Another popular option is a walkout basement patio below an existing upper deck. After all, wood is still a go-to material for outdoor staircases and second-level decks. But many people are using the shelter these raised decks provide to shade the area below and install a lower level or basement deck. It just goes to show that today's homeowners are thinking outside of the box. 

The Advantages of Patio Pavers 

With a lifespan of at least a quarter of a century, patio pavers require little maintenance. However, with a bit of care every few years, they can last for generations. Pavers are also much stronger than concrete, holding up under much heavier loads for longer periods of time. Finally, paver decks are more versatile.

With more inherent structure, pavers can be made with built-in features like steps, landings, fire pits, risers, retaining and sitting walls, paths, recessed sections for lighting, countertops, bars, and other raised concrete patio features. The options are only limited by your imagination or that of your contractor.

Now that we know what pavers can do, let's take a look at what people are doing with their new outdoor living spaces.

What's Popular on Patios in 2021?

With solid protection from the soil, and the ability to build in solid barrier walls and overhead shelter, paver decks are becoming like an outdoor living room for many people, especially during the summer. To make things better, modern materials and manufacturing advancements are making comforts once exclusive to indoor spaces practical outside. Here are a few interesting examples of seasonal home trends in patio furniture.

Modern Patio Furniture

Living Accents Patio Furniture

Patio furniture from Living Accents is not a far departure from standard patio furniture. But it is more durable and more comfortable than average and comes in a wide selection of forms and uses.

Innovative Outdoor Pillows

One of the most interesting innovations to hit the market recently is outdoor pillows. If you'd never heard of it, you would assume they would be covered in rigid plastic and filled with a rugged balloon. But this is not the case at all. Here are a few examples of successful outdoor pillow brands.

  • Outdoor Vitals pillow
  • Orange and Blue outdoor pillows
  • Nate Berkus pillow
  • Frontgate Outdoor cushions

Living Accents Patio Umbrella

Alright, patio umbrellas have been around for a while. But the Living Accents umbrella is a step above the average model. With advanced fabrics and wind channels, this umbrella is unlikely to fly away. But most importantly, it's both durable and soft to the touch.

Pasadena Craftsman Tile

One of our favorite outdoor paver tile manufacturers, Pasadena Craftsman makes beautiful, hand-crafted outdoor tile that will make any patio paver stand out from the rest. They incorporate a wide range of colors, patterns, designs, and even artistic engravings.

Pink Patio Furniture

One trend we've been especially surprised to see on the rise is the use of bright pink patio furniture. Certainly, it's not for everyone, but it does show that items normally reserved for exclusive indoor use are being brought out onto people's patios. It means fabrics are being created that are soft, delicate, and complex, yet durable enough to be left out in the sun and rain. Impressive.

Budget Outdoor Trends

Finally, another popular movement in outdoor trends that we think deserves honorable mention is the humble but rough and ready gravel patio. Just about anyone can afford to put down a bed of gravel in a slightly recessed piece of ground and enjoy all the benefits of a serviceable outdoor living space.

Gravel Patio Pros and Cons

For less than $500, you can cover a large area in a thick bed of gravel and populate it with BBQ equipment and patio furniture. Of course, your chair and table legs will poke through it. But the advantages are clear. It's affordable and it's very durable. On the downside, it can be a bit noisy. Bits of gravel will get strewn around from time to time. But perhaps the biggest downside is it won't provide a stable surface for a table. But if these drawbacks don't bother you, then gravel is a great option.

Get in touch with First Class Lawn care here in Wilmington, DE today. We're just getting started on all of Northern Delaware's 2021 summer outdoor renovations. So call now to get ahead of the crowd!


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