How A Retaining Wall Will Improve Your Wilmington, DE Home

There are many features you can add to your outdoor living space that will improve your landscaping. However, retaining walls should be at the top of your list. They are great for providing functionality purposes but they are also great for aesthetic purposes. Retaining walls are becoming highly popular in Delaware because of slopes and the different elevations that can occur within yards. Retaining walls are an extremely easy solution to improving your landscaping as well as adding several benefits!

Retaining Wall

What is a Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall is a landscape structure that retains soil. Although, this is not the only purpose a retaining wall offers. They can be constructed of several different types of blocks or stones. You will see retaining walls can even be constructed of boulders these days! Ultimately, the experts will determine what materials will best benefit your space and of course, your opinion always matters as well.


Retaining Wall Benefits

Soil Erosion

This is one of the biggest benefits of having a retaining wall, preventing soil erosion. As time goes by, soil will end up shifting and eroding in places. Therefore, a retaining wall is a great investment for your yard. Adding a retaining wall will also act as a safety feature. This will protect any soil erosion from reaching your house, the rest of your yard, and of course, YOU. 

Manage Run-Off Water

In the springtime, Delaware gets a lot of precipitation. A retaining wall is a great solution to help manage the run off water more and in return won’t damage your lawn or home! You want to be sure to hire experienced professionals that will be able to analyze your space and come up with a design that will solve your water run-off issue. 

Retaining Wall

More Usable Space

A retaining wall would be a great addition to your hilly Greenville, DE home! If you live in an area that has an incline, a retaining wall has the ability to flatten out that area and create more usable space where you can plant shrubs, trees, and your beautiful choice of perennials. Retaining walls also are used as sitting walls. Make your space more usable by placing a sitting wall around your fire-pit/fireplace and enjoy the extra space you have for your friends and family. Sitting walls in the  last couple of years have been a part of the top 10 trends to add in to your outdoor living space. Adding a retaining wall seems like a no brainer if you ask me! 

Sitting Wall

Create a Focal Point 

Although retaining walls mostly serve as functionality purposes, they can also serve as aesthetic purposes. A retaining wall has the ability to add value to your home whether you are trying to sell your house or simply be the envy of your neighborhood. A tiered wall is a great place to start to achieve a focal point within your yard. They are beautifully eye catching while providing that functionality purpose you may need as well. Be sure to not forget to contrast your hardscapes with your landscapes as they are very complementary to each other! By doing so, you will be sure to catch everyone’s eyes who passes by. 

Tiered Wall

If you are interested in expanding your outdoor living space with a retaining wall or multiple this season, give the experts a call today! Whether you are looking for functionality purposes or simply to improve the appearance of your yard, a retaining wall is a perfect investment for your Delaware home. Give us a call today! Our experts are just a phone call away from transforming your space into the yard you’ve always dreamt of. 

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