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7 Benefits of Starting Your Hardscaping Project In Fall & Winter

Andrew Ogden


Do you have outdoor living on the brain? Have you been thinking about revamping or completely starting from scratch with your outdoor living space? Fall and Winter are right around the corner and there's no better time to start designing and building your hardscaping project than now! We have come up with 7 benefits of starting your hardscaping project in the Fall and Winter. Let's get right into it!


Timing is one of those most important benefits of starting your hardscaping project in the Fall and Winter. Start your project in the Fall and Winter so by the time Spring rolls around, you are able to enjoy your new oasis!

Cost Savings on Materials

We all know that Summer time is the peak season for hardscaping projects. Of course, retailers jack up their prices when Summer rolls around because most hardscaping jobs are taking place during this time. If you start your project in the Fall, slower demand for materials usually correlates with lower prices for materials. In the end, this will translate to you saving a good bit of money. This will also be a great chance for you to afford the higher-quality materials that are usually top dollar in the peak season. 

Quick Turnaround

It is no surprise that Spring and Summer are the peak seasons to complete outdoor living spaces. Have you wanted to get on a company's schedule but they told you it will take months before they can even think about getting you on the schedule? We all know how frustrating that feeling can be. With hardscaping and landscaping jobs having a lower demand in the Fall and Winter, usually corresponds with an all around faster project completion. Materials are usually easier to get because of low demand in the off season and you won't have to worry about being "squeezed" into a company's schedule. Be sure to take advantage of this time in the off season. 

Less Damage to Your Lawn

In the Fall and Winter, the ground begins to get a little more hard because of the colder temperatures. With that being said, if you start your hardscaping project in the Fall, the chance of the machinery causing damage to your lawn is less likely to occur than it would in the hot summer months. Also, most of your plants are in their dormant period. This dormancy period is when there are no seeds able to germinate due to the environmental conditions. The plant protects itself during the harsh winter conditions, so come Springtime, the plant can germinate and bloom beautifully. Due to this dormancy period, there is less of a chance for workers to do any damage to your plants.. Foot traffic and any excavation procedures will also have a lesser chance of damaging your lawn in the process with the ground being so hard from Fall and Winter conditions. 

Enhanced Weed Suppression

In the Fall and Winter, most weeds are in their dormancy period as well. Completing your hardscaping project during this time will give you a major leg-up in the battle against them. Adding a patio, walkway, retaining walls, and other hardscaping elements will suffocate those weed seed-beds and kill them off before Spring. 

Less Disruptions

The last thing you want is to be relaxing around your pool with family and friends and here comes the landscapers. In the Fall and Winter, you are less likely to be active in your yard. This is a perfect window to take advantage of and upgrade your outdoor living space. Also, the noise of the men working won't be as disturbing as it would in the Summer and Spring when you have your windows open trying to enjoy the weather. 

Better Weather

In Wilmington, Delaware, the weather in the Fall and Winter is far milder than the hot, humid weather we experience here in the Summer. Oftentimes in the Summer, the weather is extremely brutal and we forget how easy it is to become dehydrated. That brutal weather will eventually catch up to the workers and they will end up moving slower because they are tired and dehydrated. In the Fall and Winter, conditions are much better and the sun isn't as strong. Another benefit of the ideal weather in the Fall is in some cases can make the application of certain hardscaping elements go smoother such as mortar. It will have a slower, more even dry than it would in hot, humid conditions. 


There is no better time to start planning your outdoor living space than now! Take advantage of this time before Fall gets here to design and plan. That way we can start building your oasis at the perfect time! We hope these 7 benefits of starting your hardscaping project in Fall and Winter were a resource to you. Need anymore convincing? Did you know that hardscaping jobs can raise the ROI on your home? Click the button below to request a FREE consultation. You won't be disappointed.