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7 Features In Your Outdoor Living Space

Andrew Ogden

Outdoor living spaces are becoming extremely popular these days. They are a space to live and hangout around when you want to get out of the house but still want to be in the comfort of your own home. Turn your outdoor oasis into the ultimate hangout for entertaining or create a zen environment for relaxing. The possibilities are endless! Let's dive right into the 7 features you should include in your outdoor living space. 

7 Features to Include In Your Outdoor Living Space


The bread and butter to your outdoor living space. Patios have been known to be the most popular feature to implement into your outdoor oasis. Patios allow you to use your backyard more often, even in the Winter time! You can use the patio space to put in a hot tub while the colder nights roll in or enclose the space and add a heater to stay warm! Patios are an affordable way to increase the value of your home as well. Anything you put into your house, you will get out when/if you ever decide to sell your home. Patios are a feature most buyers look for when buying a home. Therefore, patios are a great investment you will eventually make your money back on! Patios are also perfect for making a design statement! There are so many different styles, textures, and colors to choose from designing your outdoor living space. This is the perfect time to get creative and be unique! Build your patio anywhere that will highlight your landscaping, gain a little more privacy, or turn a certain area of your backyard into a more accessible space. The choice is yours! 



Adding a gazebo, pergola, or arbor are all great features to implement into your space. They are perfect for adding shade and creating a more secluded area within your space. While gazebos have a covered roof, pergolas have an open top. Gazebos are perfect for keeping the party going when the weather decides to threaten the gathering. Pergolas are great for hanging string lights to illuminate the space at night. Consider adding an arbor for a unique entrance and drape ivy all throughout to create a beautiful, naturey feel. 

Masonry Kitchen

Are you a chef connoisseur or just a food lover in general? A masonry kitchen is the perfect addition for you then! They do say your kitchen is the heart of your home. This can remain true for your outdoor kitchen as well! Include features into your kitchen so you never have to miss out on the party like a fridge to keep beverages cold, a pull out trash can to keep the space clean, and a pantry area to store food in. Ice cold drinks are a staple of any great outdoor living gathering. There are different materials and finishes to choose from to create the perfect outdoor kitchen for you. Is your house the go to game night spot? Consider adding a kitchen island to the space for that extra room to prep food and have family and friends gather around. With the addition of the outdoor kitchen, your house will be the ultimate hang out spot for many years to come. 

Masonry Fireplace/Fire Pit

What is an outdoor living space without a designated spot to gather around after a long day at work? A fireplace is a great way to experience a calm Fall evening or enjoy a crisp Spring morning at your Chadds Ford, PA home. A masonry fireplace will act as the ultimate focal point of your outdoor living space. For all you sports lovers out there, consider mounting a TV onto your fireplace and be the game day destination go-to spot! Place outdoor seating accordingly around the fireplace and enjoy the space with some great friends and a cold beverage! Not sure about what kind of furniture to use around your fireplace? Click here! I don't know about you, but this sounds like the ultimate oasis to relax in!

Retaining Wall/Sitting Wall

Retaining walls and also known as sitting walls are a great addition to your space as well. Install your sitting walls around your fireplace for even more seating for your family and friends. Retaining walls have several benefits that can be favorable to your specific space. To learn more about retaining walls, check out How A Retaining Wall Will Improve Your Wilmington, DE Home.


Landscape lighting is the ultimate finishing touch to your space! Illuminate your yard at night for a beautiful ambience. Landscape lighting allows you to enjoy your outdoor living space at all hours of the day. Interested in learning about the different types of lighting to implement into your space and the added benefits landscape lighting offers? Read all about how to Illuminate Your Delaware Home With Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting


If you really want to get fancy with your space, think about adding audio. Audio will take your oasis to the next level and is a perfect addition for all those who love to entertain. I mean, what is a party without some tunes? There are many different audio packages to choose from. There will surely be one that works best for your specific space!

You have so many different features to choose from when it comes to customizing your outdoor living space. Ultimately the choice is yours to decide how you want to elevate your space and enjoy it for many years to come. At First Class Lawncare, LLC we offer free consultations and estimates. Click the link below to submit a form! Let us transform your space into the ultimate oasis you won't want to leave!


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