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4 Exciting Hardscaping Assets to Include on Your New Delaware Patio  

Andrew Ogden

Everyone loves relaxing in the comfort of their own home. But when the weather is nice, most of us relish the idea of sitting outdoors, enjoying the weather, the wind, the sound of the birds, and maybe even have a friendly chat with passersby. With the right amenities on your patio, you can enjoy all the benefits of extending the comfort of your living space into your yard. But, what if we told you, you could do this even when the weather isn't exactly summery?

With the right hardscaping options, you could turn your patio into a haven that will allow you to enjoy outdoor dining most times of the year. Here, we'll discuss some of the exciting hardscaping options that can make your patio less like part of your yard and more like a part of your home.

Four Ways to Make Your Patio Like Part of Your Home


A nice fireplace has been a central part of any complete home for thousands of years. They are as inviting as they are practical. In recent years, material science and innovations in outdoor engineering have made it both possible and practical to have a fireplace outdoors.

One of the most popular styles today is a stamped concrete patio with a fireplace. Stamped concrete looks great, is water-resistant, and really sets the scene for an outdoor fireplace. But stamped concrete isn't just for decking. You can even clad your entire fireplace in stamped concrete for a solid, well-finished look that only a stamped concrete fireplace can deliver.

Modern outdoor fireplaces can put out plenty of heat, even in windy conditions. There are many ways you can transform your patio into a fully fledged living space that you will want to use all year long including sitting walls, lighting, and a professionally constructed fire pit. 

Sitting walls

All too often people tend to think of retaining walls as sitting walls. While a raised retaining wall can be sat on, that's not what it's designed for. A true sitting wall will be broad for comfort and convenience. It will feature an inviting surface to sit on. Many times today's most popular sitting walls are capped with stamped concrete.

Many of the modern patio designs we love most and that are popular here in northern Delaware use sitting walls that serve multiple functions. They can work as additional seating areas for family meals and for the 4th of July celebrations. A well placed sitting wall can double as a retaining wall for a planting area, or as a bench for an adjacent sports area. But most importantly, it can serve as a wind break and keep snowdrift from completely overtaking your patio.

Another great option is a paver wall. A paver wall is easier to build and often less expensive than a full-sized sitting wall with pressed concrete. They make a great patio sitting wall. They are simple, are made of layers that look great, and they can serve multiple purposes.

Perhaps most importantly, a well designed and properly placed patio wall will help keep the upkeep for your patio more manageable by preventing standing water from accumulating. If keeping your patio remodel cost down is important, then thinking in the long-term will help.

A patio stone wall is also a nice option for creating paths along a planter, pool, or other area leading to your next patio add on. You might try placing portable path lights along your patio stone wall for added safety and ambiance.


Patio lighting is another great way to make an outdoor space more inviting. Some of the most interesting patio lighting ideas we've seen incorporate ambient light built into a patio roof, solar-powered or hardwired path lighting, perimeter lighting, outdoor pendants, modern smart-lanterns, all-weather chandeliers, and string lights- just to name a few.

 When it comes to making your outdoor area more inviting, the key is to make your outdoor lighting a permanent feature. If you're curious about how to spruce up a concrete patio, built-in lighting is critical. You're going to find that hardwired or smart-control outdoor patio lighting is one of the most effective ways to turn your outdoor area into a place where you want to spend time.

Consider the fact that if you have to set up your lighting every time you want to use your patio, chances are, you just won't do it. But if your outdoor deck lighting can be activated with the flip of a switch, the turn of a knob, or by using an app, then you will be drawn to it.

If you're looking for some quick patio ideas, smart-lanterns are a great option. These devices can be weatherproof, or weather-resistant. They are light, portable, and they let you place light wherever you want it for reading, eating, playing card or board games, and more. They are also a great way to hold you over until you can get more permanent outdoor lights for your patio installed. 

Firepit in the fall

Finally, we come to the ever-popular, ever-useful in-ground fire pit. These installations make building a fire that everyone can sit around fun and easy. It's like a campfire that you never have to forage for. These are great for small cookouts, roasting marshmallows, or just spending time with friends and family.

If you're concerned about the cost of installing a full-featured patio deck, a fire pit is a great way to get the full effect at a minimal cost. They can even be built off to the side of a patio with a fireplace, or you could have both in your patio to keep even the coldest winter at bay.


Get in Ahead of the Spring Rush

When sunny weather starts approaching, that's when most folks get creative patio renovation ideas - and that's when we get swamped!

Let's get you on the books today for this year's spring building. That way, when June arrives your patio will be complete, and you'll have all summer to enjoy it.

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