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10 Best Luxury Patio Designs to Consider in Delaware

Andrew Ogden

Summer is here and if you're not enjoying your dream patio from First Class Lawn Care here in Wilmington Delaware, well... it's not too late. The good news is that there are thousands of fantastic patio designs that will look amazing, deliver comfort and fun, and that can be built out over the course of a couple of weekends, with the right team on the job of course. Combined with creative yard designs and cute landscapes, these patio designs will transform your yard from the space between the sidewalk and your home into an extension of your living space.


10 Best Luxury Patio Designs to Consider in Delaware

The one outstanding feature of these winning patio designs is they are simple and brought together with just one or two primary features. These features may be a well-lit pergola, an outdoor fireplace built into a high barrier wall, a reflecting pond, a key piece of landscaping slate, and so on. The idea is to deliver backyard luxuries that stand out. Once you get the feeling, you'll be hooked.

These backyard styles are also perfect condo landscaping ideas that will boost curb appeal and draw in high-quality tenants. If you're looking for a way to boost revenue in the 20s, look no further!

1. Tropical Pergola

Shaded to perfection with just the right amount of fiery charm, the tropical pergola design will transform even the most ordinary backyard patio into your comfort zone. Best of all, a simple crosshatch roofed patio cover is easy to build, and it responds very well to a little bit of firelight from your outdoor fireplace, BBQ, or weather-resistant torches. 

2. Fire & Water

Turn your old below-ground pool into a resort-style pool in one move by adding a gas-powered, recessed fireplace into an adjacent retaining wall. It will add unlimited charm, offer valuable heat, and make your pool-side patio the place to be all year long. Best of all, creating a poolside fire spot doesn't have to take up a lot of room. It can be cozy and small, big and inviting, or something in between. Add in an alluring pool walkway, and you won't be able to stay away.

3. The Relaxation Station

Your outdoor living space can be as cozy as your living room. With outdoor, all-weather pillows and wicker patio furniture, it might even be more comfortable. Throw down a colorful outdoor rug and complete the effect while keeping your feet comfy.

4. The Cloud Box

One elegant take on the traditional gazebo we're excited about is called the cloud box. With wooden side slats, a semi-open roof, and a cozy wooden deck, you can turn this idea into whatever you want it to be. It's also a simple way to turn an ordinary backyard into a two-level backyard.

5. Stone Elegance

With a built-in brick or stone fireplace, stone tile, a retaining wall, and your favorite patio furniture, you can use simple and inexpensive materials to create an elegant and durable relaxing space.

6. The Rooftop Terrace

With a wooden deck, a little bit of overhead work with a cubist design worked into it, you can create the feeling of a rooftop terrace anywhere. The idea here is to make it feel like a treehouse with semi-boxed-in construction. It's a simple way to make your yard feel entirely new.

7. The Garden Patio Nook

If you've got a garden wall, some overgrown ivy, and a vision, you can turn a seemingly cramped area into your own private patio nook. With some elegant outdoor lighting and a few pieces of high-quality rattan furniture, you can make it all your own in no time.

8. The Stylish Concrete Build-in

If you want outdoor comfort that's durable, fun, and very low maintenance, you can build out a concrete/brick sitting area with a built-in fire pit. With the right design, you can incorporate outdoor cushions for a seating area or conversation pit that will always be ready for use. 

9. The Patio Pool Lighting

These days, outdoor lighting is more durable and more versatile than ever. We've found that a little bit of neon worked into a pool-side patio looks amazing after dark! Incorporate it into your perfect earth landscaping theme, and you'll have a tropical getaway in your backyard that's out of this world.

10. The Marble Hot Plate

A marble, flat-top, gas-powered fire pit will transform any space into an irresistible hangout spot. With some stone or marble decking and an all-weather seating area, you can hide this luxury feature in a big front yard and let your guests discover it for themselves. 

Here at First Class Lawn Care, our team is all about bringing you the style and the comfort you're looking for in your dream patio. If any of these design ideas resonate with you, or if you've got your own tropical backyard décor idea, get in touch, and let FCLC make your dream a reality.