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Trends to Inspire Your Outdoor Living Space Design in 2022

Andrew Ogden

If you have started looking at your outdoor living space with longing, you're not alone. The coming warm seasons are all about enjoying your time outdoors, and these days, you can do that with more style and comfort than ever. Of course, it's a good idea to look at the latest outdoor living trends for 2022. We're happy to share a few of our favorites to make your outdoor dreams start to come into view.

What Is Considered Outdoor Living Space?

Outdoor living space is any part of your home that isn't completely enclosed, so it has access to the open air. Outdoor living spaces are becoming a popular part of home improvements because they tend to cost less than home additions, and they make it easy for homeowners to enjoy the full extent of the property.

2022 Outdoor Living Trends

You might not be surprised to learn that the focus of the latest outdoor living trends is greater comfort and utility. It's what everyone wants! Here are a few ways that you can get it.

Indoor-Outdoor Spaces

Part of the trend toward increasing outdoor living space is to make some of it feel much like indoor living. Older outdoor designs often forced homeowners to choose uncomfortable or impractical seating, lighting and climate control options for the outdoors. These days, you can choose pieces that you would be happy to have inside or outside. You can easily make your outdoor space feel more like the indoors, and protect it with an enclosed patio or porch. Otherwise, you can simply add outdoor curtains to provide added shade and protection from the wind.

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Climate Control

Let's be honest. The biggest thing that keeps people feeling stuck inside their homes in New Castle County is a lack of climate control. But what if you had a reliable solution to the problem of too much sun or cold wind? Climate control offers so many opportunities for you to explore, from a built-in heat lamp and patio curtains, to an elaborate all season patio with custom heating and cooling.

Masonry Fireplace

Relaxing Color Palettes

Although the experts differ in their opinions on the best outdoor living colors for 2022, they all agree on one thing: comfort. Creating cozy outdoor spaces doesn't just involve extra cushions and a blanket from the wind. You need a break from loud, bold designs that make you feel distracted and dizzy. Instead, opt for cool or warm hues in mild shades and patterns. A pale blue or a light green could be just the ticket to comfort and relaxation.

Sustainable Designs

At the top of your list of patio must haves should be sustainable materials. Everyone is a little more conscious of their contribution to waste production and energy consumption. The good news is that you have plenty of opportunities to shine. Select a few high-quality pieces made from recycled materials or sustainably-grown wood products. They will last many years with good care.

Room for Fun and Exercise

With ongoing changes due to the pandemic, homeowners are starting to shift their minds toward a complete lifestyle lived mostly at home. Where you might focus on creating a functional workspace inside your home, the outdoors becomes the perfect canvas for recreation. Designate outdoor entertaining areas that are built for the residents of your home. Building a playground, sport court or small outdoor exercise studio can help you stay healthy in body and mind.

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What's Trending in Outdoor Furniture?

Outdoor furniture trends lean toward minimalism and Japandi in particular. Japandi is a term used to describe a combination of Japanese design principles and Scandinavian practicality. You'll find a lot of natural materials, like rope and canes. Of course, your New Castle patio furniture doesn't have to feel stiff or plain. Create a balance of simple seating options and sofas with soft cushions, to provide plenty of room for entertaining with family and friends.

How Do You Maximize Outdoor Living Space?

Maximizing outdoor living space requires a careful analysis of your expectations and needs from the space. This is your home, not your neighbor's, so everything you add should relate to the activities you enjoy. For example, round patio designs are perfect for gathering around a fire pit for extra warmth or even a simple meal.

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What Is an Outdoor Space?

An outdoor space is an area that isn't enclosed, which offers a lot of room for customization. At First Class Lawn Care, we provide expert outdoor services such as landscaping, hardscaping, tree services, and more. Contact us to learn more, or to request a quote for your project.


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