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Signs That You Need to Have Your Tree Removed

Andrew Ogden

Trees are beautiful, but they can also become a hazard. When a tree is ill or dying, it can become structurally unsound which can lead to accidents. A falling tree or even a falling tree branch can be deadly if it falls in the wrong place at the wrong time. You can protect your property, members of your household, visitors, and even a passerby on your property if you take care of sick and dying trees on your property.

It helps to be able to recognize the signs that your tree needs to be removed. Recognizing the signs can help you decide when it's time to contact the experts and have your tree evaluated. Here's what you need to know.

Dead Branches and Leaves

Dying branches and leaves could be an indication that your tree is diseased. Fungus, infestations, and even lightning strikes can cause parts or all of your tree to die. Look for:

  • Branches without leaves
  • Branches with only dead leaves
  • Branches with very little leaf growth

Sometimes the signs above indicate that a branch or part of the tree needs to be cut down, other times this could be a sign that the entire tree needs to be removed.

Tree Develops a Lean

A tree that was once straight but which has now developed a lean could be losing its structural integrity. Unstable roots and heaving in the ground could cause the tree to fall. If the tree is healthy, it's possible you could save the tree by supporting it. Talk to our team of experts to find out what to do next.

Fungus Growing at the Base

Fungus growth on a tree is a sign that the inner core of the tree is dying. If your tree develops mushrooms or other forms of fungus on its bark, this is an indication that the tree is rotting from the inside out.

Shoots Growing at the Base

Sometimes trees develop small shoots (also known as suckers) at the base of the trunk. These shoots look like small trees protruding from the trunk. When shoots grow, they can take away water and nutrients from the true tree causing it to die. Shoots or suckers are a sign of stress in the tree and should be taken care of immediately.

Cracks and Cankers in the Trunk

Cracks and cankers in the trunk can occur when your tree develops a fungus. They're also a sign of damage to the tree which can be caused by a bolt of lightning or even a strike from a vehicle. Cracks and cankers, at the very least, could be an indication that the tree is vulnerable to infection. Have it evaluated by one of our experts.

Contact First Class Lawncare

Contact our team today so that we can assess your tree's condition and decide if it needs to be removed. We don't always have to remove the entire tree. It may be that part of your tree can remain, if only a branch or several branches are cut down. No matter what, it's important to work with a tree care professional like our team for tree removal. Never try to cut down a tree on your own! A homeowner who removes a tree without knowledge of how to do it safely could cause damage to their property, a neighbors property, or even a loved one.

At First Class Lawncare in Wilmington DE, we've been safely providing tree services for over 10 years. Contact us today to assess the condition of your tree and schedule an appointment for removal, pruning, or whatever your tree requires.

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