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Why Should You Have Your Trees Trimmed?

Andrew Ogden

Trees add a lot of character to any property. The right tree in the right spot can provide shade to relieve us from these hot summer days and serious aesthetic value. As a bonus, trees are also relatively low maintenance, unlike flowerbeds or vegetable gardens.

Unfortunately, too many property owners treat their trees like “set it and forget it” landscaping pieces. Trees may be low maintenance, but they aren’t maintenance-free. And the cost of failing to care for your trees can be high.

If you have trees around your home or business, you need to get them trimmed from time to time. For those living in the Wilmington, Delaware, area, First Class Lawn Care is here to help.

Wondering why trimming your trees is important? Here are several of the top reasons to have your trees trimmed.

Overgrowth Can Hurt Your Trees’ Health

One of the most important reasons to have your trees trimmed is the health of your trees themselves. In the wild, trees have many competitors for resources, which keeps a lid on overgrowth. Think about the canopy effect in forests: trees are competing with each other both for sunlight and soil nutrients. But the tree in the middle of your yard is the top dog. It doesn’t have to compete with anything for sunlight.

Also, we humans tend to bring in attractive ornamental trees that aren’t natural to an area. Some of these struggle to grow, while others grow too well.

Whatever the reason for overgrowth, your tree can hurt its health in this way. Trimming a tree gives it the best shot at a long, healthy life.

Aesthetic Concerns Often Require Trimming

There’s something to be said for a carefully manicured landscape. Many trees look much better when you manage their growth rather than let them grow wild. If you don’t regularly have your trees trimmed, your landscape design may begin to look shabby, tired, neglected or just plain overgrown.

When trimming for aesthetic concerns, it’s essential that you know how to trim a tree properly (or that your tree trimmer does). When done well, tree trimming doesn’t hurt your trees and can even help them. But the process does involve serious cutting. When done poorly, tree trimming can damage your trees. For this reason, we don’t recommend that people do their own aesthetic trimming beyond simple, straightforward adjustments.

Unkempt Trees Can Be a Safety Hazard

Unkempt Trees Can Be a Safety Hazard

It’s entirely normal for some branches on a tree to die and fall off. If you have large, mature trees in your yard or on your property, you may even experience this with some large branches.

Having large, heavy branches fall off your tree without warning can be a safety hazard. You certainly don’t want this when your kids or pets are playing underneath! Having regular tree trimming or tree pruning service done on the trees on your property is the simplest way to deal with dead or diseased branches. By staying proactive, you’ll keep your yard much safer.

Falling Limbs and Trees Can Destroy Your Home

Falling Limbs and Trees Can Destroy Your Home

If you have mature trees in close proximity to your house, you run at least a tiny risk of having a limb (or an entire tree) fall on your house. Most healthy trees won’t uproot or drop a major limb except in the most severe of weather — though anything’s possible.

A diseased, dead or overgrown tree has a much greater likelihood of toppling or dropping a limb. Safely removing a problematic limb or even going as far as tree removal will cost a little. But rebuilding after structural damage when a limb ends up in your living room will cost far more.

Add More Curb Appeal to Your Yard

Another aesthetic angle to consider is curb appeal. If you ever watch those home renovation shows, you’ve seen this: the prospective buyers drive up to a home only to be greeted by ugly, overgrown vegetation blocking the entire front elevation. By the end of the episode, of course, the vegetation has been tamed (often by a combination of tree trimming, tree pruning, and tree removal), revealing a beautiful freshly renovated home.

First Class Lawn Care can’t help you with the home renovation and exterior home upgrades. But we certainly can fix the greener half of your curb appeal issues.

Prevent and Treat Disease Through Professional Pruning

What do you do when your rose bush is having issues? Simple: you prune it. When you encounter a shoot that’s diseased or simply unsightly, you pull out the pruning shears and do what has to be done. For the health and beauty of the bush, some things have to go.

Trees work the same way. You just have to swap out the pruning shears for chainsaws. When you hire a professional tree pruning service, your trees will get the careful, loving treatment they need. We’ll remove branches showing signs of disease along with ones that are already dead. This process helps your tree stay healthier longer.

Pruning Enhances Your View

In most cases, your trees are there to enhance the view, not to hinder it. But your tree doesn’t know what you want to see, and sometimes it sprouts a new branch in just the wrong place. Hiring a tree service professional to prune your trees allows you to enhance your view as well as your neighbors' view of your home.

Tree Removal: The Final Solution

Tree Removal When Needed

You may be wondering why you need to prune your trees. Tree trimming and tree pruning can go a long way in helping your trees live long, healthy lives. But every tree eventually reaches the end of life stage. Some get there early due to drought, storm, or disease. When the time comes, don’t go it alone. Hire a professional to safely remove your tree and any remaining debris. 

When You’re Not Sure What You Need

Many of our customers come to us with questions about their trees. They know something is wrong or they wish something looked different, but they aren’t sure what the right solution is. If you’re not sure what your trees need (or even if you are), contact our team at First Class Lawn Care. We’re here to help Wilmington, Delaware, area residents and businesses with their tree trimming, tree pruning and tree removal needs.

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